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Head Over Heels Children's Indoor Play & Parties Manchester

COVID-19 Policy

Our COVID 19 Policy is in place to ensure all our customers can enjoy our facilities in a safe and fun environment. To make sure our safety measures work effectively, we ask all visitors to work with us to act responsibly and to respect those around them.

Updated 1 February 2022

The laws around face coverings have changed.

Face Coverings

The wearing of face coverings is no longer mandatory in our centres.


Reduced Capacity

While we could legally allow 100% of our visitor capacity, we have taken the decision to continue with our limited visitor numbers so that our guests can enjoy a more comfortable experience. We will be limiting visitor numbers to a maximum of 75% of venue capacity to enable social distancing.


Group Sizes

We are no longer required to limit groups to six people or two households. Birthday parties can now take place and you may meet up with more than six friends.


Air Ventilation

Head Over Heels Chorlton has installed two state of the art air handling units which together deliver and extract over 8000 litres of 100% fresh, filtered air to all areas of the building every second. That is a complete refresh of air every 3 minutes wherever you are in the building.


Head over Heels Wilmslow is a well ventilated, airy space. Industrial fans form a balanced system of extract and supply of 100% fresh air, which work together with de-stratification and extraction fans to ensure the movement and circulation of fresh air throughout the building. Our café and party zone has 100% fresh air supplied through a system of ducts and ceiling diffusers to reach all areas.


Constant Cleaning Throughout the Day 

Team members constantly clean throughout the day paying particular attention to the areas touched most often which have been assessed and recorded. These are cleaned at a higher frequency and documented.

Out of Hours Cleaning

As part of the everyday processes at our centres, we have a dedicated cleaning team who work after hours to sanitise the play frame and toddler areas using antibacterial commercial spray killing 99.9% of bacteria within 30 seconds. The antibacterial cleaner we use (C25) contains benzalkonium Chloride which inactivates influenza. Steam cleaning kills viruses which is why we steam clean all floors including carpet using Duplex 420 floor steam cleaner and sanitiser which is used in hospitals, care homes and schools.

Hand Sanitiser Units

Hand sanitisers have been installed throughout the centre for customer use.


Cafe Procedures

Drinks and Snacks can be ordered at the cafe counter. We are a cashless venue and will only be taking contact-less payments at the cafe counter.

On-line Pre-Booked Visits

To guarantee your visit we still advise you to pre-book your entry ticket online. With our limited capacity our tickets do sell out so please plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

Our Play Partnership with you

To make sure our safety measures work effectively, we ask all visitors to work with us to help us all keep covid-safe. If you or any of your party are feeling unwell or have been asked to isolate please do not visit our venues. If you feel unwell whilst inside the venue please let a member of staff know immediately.


Please respect the personal space of other visitors and remember not everyone may be feeling as confident as you.

We thank all our customers for their continued support.
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