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Head Over Heels shares insights into cleaning, hygiene and their response to the Coronavirus

The safety of our customers and staff is always our top priority at Head Over Heels. Here's an insight into the standard and additional steps we are taking to guarantee that our centres continue to meet and exceed the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

As part of the everyday processes at our centres, we have a dedicated cleaning team who work after hours to sanitise the play frame and toddler areas using antibacterial commercial spray killing 99.9% of bacteria within 30 seconds. The antibacterial cleaner we use (C25) contains benzalkonium Chloride which inactivates influenza. Steam cleaning kills viruses which is why we steam clean all floors including carpet using Duplex 420 floor steam cleaner and sanitiser which is used in hospitals, care homes and schools. Toilet walls, surfaces and floors are all cleaned with a Duplex Jet Vac steam cleaner as well as chemicals to clean the toilets.

We machine wash all soft toys and costumes on a regular basis. We have our own ball cleaning machine which removes and sterilizes the balls and the base of the ball pool is sterilised by hand using antibacterial spray.

Whilst we are open, we use the antibacterial spray to clean all areas in the café including the high chairs. All crockery and cutlery are cleaned in a commercial dishwasher. Throughout the day, in our cafe and around the play centre, we regularly clean all touch points such as door handles and release buttons for our toddler areas. We routinely clean and sanitise the toilets.

We have antibacterial hand sanitiser available throughout the centres for customers and for staff to use. We also ask party children to use the hand sanitiser before we serve their party buffet. Staff wash their hands on entering the premises and do so on a regular basis throughout the day.

We do not allow children and adults who are unwell to use our facilities.

In response to all the information we currently have available to us in relation to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have taken the following additional steps to help protect the health and well-being of our team and customers.

  • We have treated the entire play frame using a machine that creates an electrostatic antibacterial fine mist which clings to all surfaces and hard to reach crevices killing 99.99% germs.

  • We have issued NHS guidance to the staff about protecting themselves and others against contracting the Corona virus. All staff who are not well are being told to stay at home and follow NHS guidelines and not to return to work until they are fully recovered.

  • We have put signage on our doors asking our customers to help us by not coming to use our facilities if they are unwell.

  • We will be exercising our rights to refuse admission if a visitor appears unwell.

  • All visitors will be asked to use the antibacterial hand sanitiser before entering our premises.

We are closely monitoring all government advice and putting the safety and well-being our customers and team at the forefront of all our decisions. We will revise this policy as soon as more information becomes available to us.

For the latest visitor information, please visit our website.

We thank all our customers for their continued support.


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